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Pee Wee Class

teaching.jpg (91030 bytes)

Bill Enjoying his Stretching.JPG (112745 bytes)

Side Stretch.JPG (106805 bytes) Punching Practice.JPG (99580 bytes)
Holly and Jackie
Asking Sensei 
a Question
Bill Enjoying
 his Stretching 
Stretching Out Working on Basics
Back Punch.JPG (96401 bytes) Front Ball Kick 1.JPG (90685 bytes) Practice Breathing.JPG (106943 bytes)
More Basics Working on 
a Shield
Focusing on 


Junior Class

Bow to Yourself.jpg (94143 bytes)

Hanging Around Bob.jpg (65662 bytes)

Luke Going to Karate.jpg (65709 bytes)

Working on Form.jpg (72210 bytes)

Starting Class

Hanging around Bob

Luke Going to Karate

Working on a
Form with Sensei

Lena You're Never to Young to Start.jpg (57778 bytes)

Lena - You're Never 
to Young to Start...


Adult Class

Kick Practice.JPG (97169 bytes)

Wrist Lock 1.JPG (94045 bytes)

Wrist Lock 2.JPG (96194 bytes)

Adult Group
on Basics

Wrist Lock 1

Wrist Lock 2
























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