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Kempo Karate

While also known as Shao-lin Ch'uan Fa, Kempo Karate is a mixture of  both traditional as well as modern styles.  Kempo Karate is a self defense system which combines the linear hard movements of Karate, the circular soft movements of Shao-lin Kung Fu, along with the grappling-throwing-locking arts.  After taking the best out of many styles, Kempo Karate is then further infused with 5 Shao-lin animal forms consisting of the Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Snake, and the Crane.  Also utilizing a variety of weapons, Kempo Karate is indeed a robust, sophisticated, and effective form of self defense.


Tai Chi

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is considered a "soft" martial art when compared to the "hard" martial art styles of Karate or Jujitsu.  The hard martial arts use a degree of tension in the muscles where Tai Chi utilizes a softness or as much of a complete relaxation in the muscles as possible in its application.  Initially, Tai Chi acts as a type of health training due to its relief of the physical effects of stress on the body.  Tai Chi then develops a meditative aspect cultivated by the calmness and focus necessary when practicing.  In time, the Tai Chi practitioner not only benefits from its health and meditative aspects but may also competently use it as a martial art for self defense.  Giving the same benefits as Karate in regards to health and self defense, Tai Chi is, at the same time, much less strenuous on the joints and muscles.  Tai Chi offers you another effective and subtle martial art for self defense. 








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